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Monday, September 22, 2008

2008 Family Reunion

The 2008 Roark reunion was great, all except for the driving of 9 hours. They are all the best people you would want to be around. We had so much fun, other than the fact we found out his cousin, Darlene, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and only has about 6 months to live. What a bummer. That means she will not be around for the next family reunion. That sucks. Maybe next years will be in June so we can go to the other side of the family's reunion also.
We also went into the mountains at Tim and Nell's home. That was a trip in itself. We drove up some of the windiest roads ever. Going up during the day was not too bad. It was the going down, in the pitch black night, with someone driving behind us with their high beams on. Boy, he also wanted to driver faster than the speed limits. I am so glad I went to the bathroom before we left. I would have peed my pants. Kathy B., you know what I mean, I am sure. I was so nervous and was so glad to get back to the hotel, which by the way was more expensive than last year.
When I get more batteries for my camera, I will post some of the pictures.

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